Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

Elvis tribute artists who competed in Europe's Tribute to Elvis 2016 in alphabetical order.


Aaron Barbara

  • Town: Mosta, Malta
  • Favourite Elvis Song: An American Trilogy

32 year old Aaron has been an Elvis fan since he was 3 years old, you could say he was born into it as his parents met in an Elvis Fan Club in Malta. In 2015 he competed in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Memphis, TN.

Aaron enjoys competing and this will be his 4th competition, he also enjoys meeting other ETAs and Elvis fans.

Marc D    

Marc D

  • Town: Sempach Station, Switzerland
  • Favourite Elvis Song: Twenty Days and Twenty Nights

Marc D started singing Elvis when he was 12 years old after hearing on the radio that Elvis had died, from then on he wanted to pay tribute to the king. Marc plays for audiences in Switzerland, Germany and Austria and has won several contests in his native Switzerland.

Gordon Davis    

Gordon Davis

  • Town: Bilston, West Midlands
  • Favourite Elvis Song: The Sound Of Your Cry

Gordon Davis always had the love of music from a very young age, thanks to his parents, they passed on the love of Elvis Presley. When he started out people realised he had a talent that was closely linked to the king himself.

Gordon won his first contest in Memphis, TN in 2012 and is now well established in the UK growing from strength to strength, encouraged by his ever growing UK and international fan base.

Rudy Diomedi    

Rudy Diomedi

  • Town: Civitanova Marche, Italy
  • Favourite Elvis Song: If I Can Dream

Rudy was born in 1986 and heard Elvis for the first time when he was 14, listening to "If I Can Dream". That song inspired him to be successful in life and since 2010 his dream to become an Elvis tribute artist come true. He now plays with The King Elvis Tribute Band all around Italy.

Aren E    

Aren E

  • Town: Cirencester, Gloucestershire
  • Favourite Elvis Song: The Last Farewell

Aren E has been an Elvis fan since he was 6 paying his tribute to the king from a young age and has entered and won numerous amateur competitions. He has played at events in England, Wales and Spain.

Mike Fetzner    

Mike Fitzner

  • Town: Diessenhofen, Switzerland
  • Favourite Elvis Song: Moody Blue

Mike has been an Elvis fan since he was seven years old and has been an active Elvis tribute artist since the age of 20. His favourite album is "Moody Blue" and he loves the decade of the early Vegas years.

After many competitions in the United States, England and Canada, Mike was placed in the top 10 at the 2015 Collingwood Elvis Festival in the category "Professional - Concert years".

Garry J Foley    

Garry J Foley

  • Home Town: Poole, Dorset
  • Favourite Elvis Song: Suspicious Minds

Garry J Foley is a multi award winning Elvis Tribute Artist (ETA) and has performed throughout UK, EUROPE, USA and ASIA in theatre productions.

Garry came 2nd place in Europe's Tribute to Elvis Ultimate contest in 2013 and 3rd in 2014 and a finalist in 2015.

In 2015, Garry secured the 'LEAD ELVIS' role in the acclaimed theatre production of 'ELVIS - The King of Rock and Roll' and toured China, performing 42 shows in 30 cities to wonderful reviews.


Elvis G

  • Home Town: Hull, Yorkshire
  • Favourite Elvis Song: All of them

Elvis G, a professional Elvis tribute artist, found Elvis at a very young age and would listen to him over and over, falling in love with his songs. He now performs up and down the country, entering competitions along the way and meeting a lot of good friends in the Elvis world.

Marc George    

Marc George

  • Home Town: Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
  • Favourite Elvis Song: Who Am I

Marc has been an Elvis fan since the age of seven. Singing Elvis songs soon became his "party piece" at family gatherings and parties. He started his tribute to Elvis when he was 17 years old and has performed semi-professionally and professionally ever since.

Marc was a semi-finalist in Europe's Tribute to Elvis contest in 2014.

Gary Gibson    

Gary Gibson

  • Town: Lurgan, Northern Ireland
  • Favourite Elvis Song: Stranger In The Crowd

Gary was born into the Elvis world as both his parents were huge fans, so he grew up with it. When Garry was old enough to play a record himself he did so every day. At the age of 26 Gary became an Elvis Tribute Artist. Gary has entered several contest's along with the World's Greatest Elvis BBC. He says thanks to elvis as he has seen and sang in many parts of the world including Spain, America, Italy, Denmark, Greece, UK and Ireland and met a lot of really good people along the way, long live the king!.

Michael Glaysher    

Michael Glaysher

  • Town: London
  • Favourite Elvis Song: That's When Your Heartache Begins

Michael is 18 years old and has been an Elvis fan for as long as he can remember. Michael visited Tupelo and Graceland for his 18th birthday and performed at the St Judes Benefit Concert at the New Daisy Theatre on Beale Street, Memphis, TN. Michael won best Elvis competition at Porthcawl in September 2015.


Steve Halliday

  • Town: Allhallows-on-Sea
  • Favourite Elvis Song: Stay Away Joe

Steve has had the pleasure of performing his tribute shows throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA. He has sung live on top television shows including BBC One's 'World's Greatest Elvis', ITV's 'Star's In Their Eyes' Elvis Special and Graham Norton's New Years Eve Show.

Steve portrayed Elvis for the 'Lonesome Tonight' boxset television campaign and has toured the UK theatre circuit for the last ten years.


Lewis Hill

  • Town: Barnsley, South Yorkshire
  • Favourite Elvis Song: Goin' Home

Lewis has been performing as Elvis since he was eight years old, where he entered his first Elvis contest back in 1991 at Hemsby. He has been on BBC Radio and in 2010 he was the first ETA to play a headline slot at the Glastonbury festival and featured in the official line up.

Matt King    

Matt King

  • Town: Stoneleigh, Epsom, Surrey
  • Favourite Elvis Song: Do You Know Who I Am

Matt began performing his tribute show in Tenerife, Canary Islands in 1991, after winning a holiday Elvis sound alike contest. He now performs all over Europe. He has appeared on numerous TV programmes including: "The Time, The Place" (ITV), "Naked City with Lily Savage" (Channel 4), "The Richard and Judy Show" and many more.

Matt was been a finalist at both the 2013 and 2014 Europe's Tribute to Elvis contests and was a runner-up in 2015.


Peter King

  • Town: Solihull, West Midlands
  • Favourite Elvis Song: In The Ghetto

Peter's music career started in his late teens playing keyboard and singing backing vocals: later progressing to lead vocals with function bands singing in hotels and clubs in London and around the southern counties. Ten years ago he decided to combine his singing experience with his passion for Elvis' music and since then has delighted audiences with his own tribute to Elvis across the UK in hotels, clubs and bars.

Mario Kombou    

Mario Kombou

  • Town: London
  • Favourite Elvis Song: If I Can Dream

Mario is a trained actor and has been an ETA for over 20 years. Mario starred in the hit London West End musical production of "Jailhouse Rock" in the leading role of "Vince Everett". Mario has been a finalist in the Ultimate Contest in Memphis on three occasions and is currently touring the UK and Europe in "The Elvis Years" musical.

Mike McAlpine    

Mike McAlpine

  • Town: Leverkusen, Germany
  • Favourite Elvis Song: Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Mike hails from Kirklevington on Teesside and lives in Germany. Wherever he performs, on the continent or back in the UK, he does his utmost to generate the excitement and fun so majestically brought to the world by the King, Elvis. As a child Mike was won over by the dynamism of Elvis’ performances. The 50’s numbers were full of excitement and fun. With time he began to recognise the depth and integrity of Elvis as an entertainer but also as a person. Mike still likes to rock out the early numbers but finds fulfilment in every aspect of Elvis’ career.

Elvis has been a great source of inspiration for him throughout most of his life and Mike is grateful for the friendships and experiences the Elvis world has presented him with.


Johnny Lee Memphis

  • Town: Clackmannanshire, Scotland
  • Favourite Elvis Song: It's Midnight

Johnny Lee Memphis has been an Elvis fan for as long as he can remember and feels blessed to have the privilege of working as an Elvis tribute artist. He has been performing his tribute since the fall of 2004 and is loving it still today.

Johnny was a top 10 Ultimate finalist in Memphis 2015, runner up at Europe's Tribute To Elvis 2014 and 2015. Winner at Penticton Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Preliminary 2015.


John Reid

  • Town: Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Favourite Elvis Song: Bridge Over Troubled Waters

John has been an Elvis tribute for over 15 years and has performed all over Europe and the United States. John is an ambassador for The Elvis Loved St Judes Charity and arranges benefit shows for St Judes and donates all proceeds at the main fundraiser in Memphis during Elvis Week. John has been a massive Elvis fan since he was a child and there is not a day goes by that he doesn't listen to Elvis music.

Andy Reno    

Andy Reno

  • Town: Manchester
  • Favourite Elvis Song: "I love them all!"

Andy has been an Elvis fan for many years since watching 'Jailhouse Rock' as a child. He was amazed by Elvis' voice and looks and still is to this day. His aim is to keep the King's legacy alive with a respectful and authentic tribute.

Encouraged by his friends, Andy has been performing professionally since 2009.

Rick E Richards    

Rick E. Richards

  • Town: Hull, Yorkshire
  • Favourite Elvis Song: All of them

Rick has been a tribute artist to both Elvis and Dean Martin for seven years. He has been an Elvis fan since childhood and enters as many Elvis competitions as possible in order to keep the King's name alive.

Rick became an Elvis tribute after his friend and fellow ETA, Elvis G, talked him into performing at a charity event. He now performs his Elvis show up-and-down the country.

Fisher Stevens    

Fisher Stevens

  • Town: Welden, Northants
  • Favourite Elvis Song: If I Can Dream

Fisher Stevens has truly performed his tribute to the king of rock & roll all over the world. A regular visitor to the USA since 2012, a twelve week tour of China and a regular show in Cairo are just a few destinations his love of Elvis and his music have taken Fisher. Winner of the Elvis Masters competition in 2014, a lead role in a London theatre in 2009 and his very own Legends of Las Vegas show are other highlights in what has been a dream career for Fisher Stevens.


Chris Tierney

  • Town: Birmingham, West Midlands
  • Favourite Elvis Song: I Like Them All

Chris' family have been Elvis fans for many years and whilst Chris was in Memphis at the age of 10 he was able to sing on the Elvis Radio station. He then performed for family parties for the next few years. He has now been performing as Elvis for a few of years. He has won amateur contests in 2012 and has recently won the Gold Lame Jacket and Best Festival Elvis in September 2013 Porthcawl, Wales. His Ambition is to one day perform a show in Vegas.

Chris was a finalist in Europe's Tribute to Elvis contest in 2014.


Brian Troy

  • Town: Taastrup, Copehagen
  • Favourite Elvis Song: None in particular - I like them all

Brian's love for Elvis started at the age of 8 when he heard "Hound Dog". He began working as an Elvis tribute around 16 years ago when he was 20. Now aged 36, Brian works as a teacher in Copenhagen and is the lead singer in the band "Elvis On My Mind."

This will be Brian's second entry into Europe's Tribute to Elvis.