Please read our ACCESSIBILITY STATEMENT and our policy for disability admission.

The Winter Gardens is a listed building and as such there are physical restrictions in what can and can’t be done to accommodate accessibility. There are multiple venues on different levels within the Winter Gardens. However, both Europe’s Tribute to Elvis festival and the venue are committed to ensuring that everybody has access to all areas and can provide advice and assistance.

There are lifts available to all levels, so there is no restriction to access to any venue. Should a lift be out of use, please find your nearest security personnel and they will assist you.

Due to the layout of the venues, the EMPRESS BALLROOM has specific seating in BLUE for wheelchair users. These places are limited so early booking is essential. These Seats can only be booked by calling our office. Wheelchair users are free to choose any seating on the floorshow however we have reserved some seating that is more accessible these are shown in blue on the seating plan. When booking wheelchair accessible seating please book via the telephone. Please note that the accessible seating areas on the balcony are not suitable for mobility scooters.

Mobility Scooters

Please be advised that though you are welcome to arrive at The Empress Ballroom in a mobility scooter our wheelchair seating areas and lifts are not suitable for these vehicles. Patrons may leave their scooters in the foyer areas at their own risk.

Balcony Accessible Seating

The Winter Gardens is a grade 2 listed building. On north balcony there are foot wells in the front row. There are only 5 wheelchair accessible seats on west balcony these are blue on plan. These are not suitable for mobility scooters.

The Winter Gardens is council owned and Europe’s Tribute to Elvis Festival have no control over the layout / access of the building. However, we work closely with the management and they ensure that their facilities are monitored and assessed on a regular basis with recommendations on improvements and updates acted upon within a reasonable timescale and within any physical restrictions the design of the building may impose.

Specific access information on each venue within the Winter Gardens Blackpool is available on request.

Please contact:

The General Manager, Winter Gardens Blackpool, c/o 97 Church Street, Blackpool, FY1 1HL
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All Winter Gardens staff are pro-active in assisting all visitors, will respond appropriately to requests for further aid and they encourage and support staff to extend their knowledge through training of specific skills that may be available.

There is no ramp at the main entrance however there is a wheelchair lift that gets you to Box Office level and a further wheelchair lift in the Grand Vestibule which takes you up to the main floor.

Church Street exit is on the level and can be used for wheelchair users only.

There are a number of accessible toilets in the venue. They can be found on the main level. There are also accessible toilets in the Ladies and Gents in the EMPRESS BALLROOM and there is also an accessible toilet upstairs in the SPANISH HALL.

On the weekend, please ask a member of the security team to assist you and if you are having any issues please ask them to call the duty manager should they not be able to help you.

Disability Statement

Europe’s Tribute to Elvis Festival welcomes everyone to our event and we try to ensure that the festival experience is available to all, without discrimination.

Our current policy is that everyone who enters the venue over 14 years of age has to buy a ticket.

Currently there are no concessions and no free tickets for carers.